Club Uniform

The SOPAC Club formal uniform is compulsory and is an important part of our club. A team uniform promotes unity, builds cohesiveness amongst swimmers and makes an athlete feel they belong. 


Formal Uniform

The SOPAC Club formal uniform consists of a polo shirt, black shorts, a swim cap and an optional jacket. The formal club uniform is to be worn at all swim meets where swimmers are representing the club. It must also be worn on the podium when being presented with a medal. Each swimmer is provided a club swimming cap free of charge. Any additional caps must be purchased from the club via the swimmer's coach. 

polo shirt image

Representative Uniform

National swimmers may be awarded a uniform item to congratulate them on their achievement. This item must be worn at the representative event when not swimming. All representative swimmers will be presented with a representative swimming cap to be worn at warm up and when competing in their events.  

Casual Uniform

SOPAC Swim Club has several casual uniform items. These items should be worn proudly to training and outside of the pool. Casual uniform items are not to be worn at swim meets. 

Ordering Uniforms


The SOPAC Uniform is available for club members to purchase through our online shop - Valour Sport

Please refer to SOPAC Team App for more details. 

For more information please email: