Message from SOPAC Swim Club Board

Welcome to SOPAC Swim Club! We are very proud of the swimming community we have created providing support for the full pathway of our swimmers from learn to swim, through a competitive swimming career and swimming for life.

SOPAC Swim Club has the fortune of having our home at Sydney’s premium swimming venue and are partnered with a squad program that is second to none. As a club our aim is to provide an environment and opportunity where all swimmers are able to enjoy the sport and be their best.

SOPAC Swim Club is run by dedicated volunteers who help to run events, time keep, run BBQ’s or simply be the welcoming face to greet new members. We encourage you to become active in the SOPAC community, learn more about what goes on on pool deck and help out where you can.

We pride ourselves on being a club with impeccable integrity showing respect for fellow team members, other swimmers, coaches and technical officials. Our code of conduct is important to us, so whether you are a swimmer, parent or interested spectator please familarise yourself with the expectations outlined.

We hope you enjoy being part of the SOPAC Swim Club community and look forward to seeing you on pool deck soon!